Finding a Good Community Clinic

Everyday across the United States, mistakes are made at crucial times on the road, leading to both minor and tragic car accidents. Dallas and Austin, Texas not unaffected by these circumstances and unfortunately there are fatalities yearly. Everyone who has a Driver’s License knows the basic rules of driving, or should. However, not wearing a seatbelt is one of the most common reasons for car accident related deaths. When collision of two vehicles occurs at high speeds, physical damage is most certainly taken by each of the cars and very likely by passengers but wearing a seatbelt can lower the chances of extensive trauma.


Recently, a Dallas resident was killed in his 1999 GMC Sierra when he lost control of it and crashed into another driver. The man who initially caused the accident was identified as 32-year-old Johnathan Dale Osborne. His car moved over the center dividing line, dead ahead into a 1995 Ford Explorer. The other driver was taken from the scene of the accident and recognized as 36-year-old Christopher J. Harrelson. He was transported by ground to WellStar Kennestone but will probably require further medical attention from a knowledgeable health Clinic. Although there have been no updates on his physical condition since, it is a blessing that he lived although the other driver was not so lucky. All in all, a good one can be of help in these type of cases or if it is a different malady, such as head lice, for example. if that is the case, I can endorse Hero Lice Clinics in the Lone Star State for nit removal there.
The crash occurred around 6:20am and included no other passengers or vehicles but was nonetheless a life-altering catastrophe. There were no indications whether or not Johnathan was wearing his seatbelt, but this is a reminder to all of us to be extremely attentive of other drivers. Although your experience may warrant you a good driver, do not forget the possibilities of something like this happening to you. Buckle up when you ride or drive in a car and watch for others not paying close attention to the perimeters of their vehicles. Being aware of your surroundings on the road may very well save your life.