Jesuit Order Goes into Bankruptcy

It is good to be back to Baltimore from Towson (had to talk to my lawyer there)…A Chapter 11 bankruptcy has been filed by the Jesuits of Oregon Province. Several alleged assault lawsuits had been previously brought against the Jesuit order. Most of these lawsuits were filed by Alaskan Natives that are suing for abuse that took place in remote villages. I wonder of credit counseling and repair is an option?

Rev. Patrick J. Lee, of the Jesuit order, stated “Our decision to file Chapter 11 was not an easy one, but with approximately two hundred (or so give or take) additional claims pending or threatened, it is the only way we believe that all claimants can be offered a fair financial settlement within the limited resources of the Province.” For their part I wonder of they have a Baltimore or Towson bankruptcy lawyer to assist them:
Joseph K. Githuku,
9407 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21234
(410) 262-9862

The province of the Roman Catholic order filed for the bankruptcy protection on Tuesday. The order listed assets of less than $5 million and liabilities of almost $62 million. It is one of the 10 Roman Catholic provinces in the United States. The Oregon Province includes Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. More related headlines at Merlin’s News weblog and journal with regards to that Towson bankruptcy lawyer, credit counseling, debt consolidation and the like.

Representing the 60 Alaskan Natives that filed the lawsuits is Ken Roosa, a lawyer who is based in Anchorage. Roosa alleges that the Oregon province owns Seattle University and Gonzaga University and several high schools which have been left out of the Oregon Province assets listings.

In addition to bankruptcy, other options might have been debt consolidation, non profit debt settlement, credit counseling or some kind of debt management. Remarking on the bankruptcy filing, Rev. Patrick J. Lee stated “Our hope is that by filing Chapter 11, we can begin to bring this sad chapter in our Province’s history to an end,” Lee also said. “We continue to pray for all those who have been hurt by the actions of a few men, so that they can receive the healing and reconciliation that they deserve.”

Thin Skinned former New York Mobster Blows Cover

In a rather strange headline from the bureau of Brooklyn in New York City, officials reported
that former Brooklyn mobster Joseph Milano, aka Joey  Calco,  Crazy Joe of the Bonanno crime family in Brooklyn, became irate, jumped over the counter and attacked his customers causing personal injury after taking offense when they complained about the calzone which he had served them.  According to officials, Mr. Milano, who was under federal witness protection and working as a pizza proprietor
in Florida, blew his cover following the attack, which was caught on tape, after his true identify was
discovered during an investigation of the incident. Not sure how an attorney would handle this one.
All in all, his previous crimes included a pair of murders in 2004 and he had previously served nearly 8
years in jail, though he had been spared a life sentence for turning on his boss Anthony Spero.

Following the assault, Mr. Milano was arrested and charged with  assault and firearm possession by a
convicted felon, officials reported.  However, his fate was up in the air as the U.S.
Marshalls and the New York District Attorney were still trying to decide whether to keep him in the witness
protection program
or whether to lock him up again.  By the way if you are in need of a solid lawyer then may I suggest Geller & Siegel. They are among the best New York personal
injury attorney you will find in the city or outskirts. just goes to show that while you can take the mobster
out of Brooklyn, move him to Florida and give him a new you identify and profession, you cannot always instill the right customer service skills
in him or common sense!  Clearly, and rather sadly for
Mr. Milano, he certainly earned his nickname of  Crazy

Seattle Law Firm Appeals strange Case

A former Virginia assistant lawyer general appealed a prior family court order that prohibited him from contacting any government agency about his ex-wife’s immigration status. He appealed the ruling on the basis that it was prohibiting his right to free speech.


Former Assistant lawyer General Anthony P. Meredith had the order imposed on him during custody hearings. Meridith had married Jazmin Muriel, who was from Columbia, after seeking a foreign bride on the internet. After she moved to Virginia and 10 months of marriage, Muriel fled to Washington and petitioned for divorce, alleging domestic violence. Muriel was pregnant at the time and a custody battle ensued in which the court granted custody to Muriel and restricted Meridith’s visitation with their daughter.


In a separate court order, Meredith had been prohibited from contacting the Department of Homeland Security, the Executive Office of Administrative Review, the Department of State or any other agency about his ex-wife’s immigration status.  By the way if you have had a dui and you feel that you really need a good Seattle dui lawyer then may I suggest the Law offices of Blair Kim. He is simply one the best Seattle dui lawyer out there.


The law firm of McKinley Irvin in Seattle represented Muriel during the appeals hearing. Meridith represented himself and won his appeal when the court ruled in his favor of his First Amendment argument.  The First Amendment’s petition clause prohibits courts from denying a citizen access to the government based on speculation that the citizen will use such access in order to harass or commit libel.

The appeals panel ordered the lower court to “craft a more narrowly tailored order” so that there would not be any violation to Meridith’s free speech.

Reporter Suffers Fatal Injuries After Being Struck By San Francisco Muni Train

In San Francisco personal injury related news, a 70 year old man named William Brand died on February 8, 2009 at San Francisco General Hospital after succumbing to a personal injury that he suffered after being struck by a Muni train at approximately 9:10 p.m. According to San Francisco Police, Mr. Brand had been walking near Second and King Streets when he apparently accidently walked into the path of an oncoming N-Judah train. I wonder if the family will retain a lawyer in this case? I am not sure if a DUI was involved or not. Speaking of that, this is a professional San Francisco DUI lawyer firm who also specializes in various federal and Oakland criminal defense related cases, not just a DUI lawyer.
The impact reportedly knocked Mr. Brand into a nearby pole. While authorities have stated that a preliminary investigation indicates that Mr. Brand’s death was accidental, no further information was provided as to whether alcohol or DUI was a factor. By the way if you need a qualified San Francisco DUI or criminal defense lawyer then may I suggest this aformentioned firm as he is simply one of the better lawyer you will find in the entire bay area including San Jose and Oakland as well. However, at the time of the accident, Mr. Brand was reportedly returning from the 21st Amendment Brewery on Second Street where he had attended a food and beer pairing event he was writing about for his blog. Sadly, for Mr. Brand, after a long and notable career, his retirement and golden years were tragically cut short. Mr. Brand had recently retired from the Oakland Tribute after a 27 year career as a reporter for the Tribune. However, he had continued to write a well read beer blog and a column about beer for Mercury News. I hope someone has a good DUI or criminal defense lawyer there…

Los Angeles Celeb Chris Brown slapped with criminal assault charges

There have been some more interesting criminal headlines from the one and only place known as Los Angeles but also known in some circles as ‘Holly-Weird’. Fading R&B artist Chris Brown just lost his Wrigley endorsement deal after the Los Angeles Police Department has booked him for allegedly battered his girlfriend.

After turning himself in to the relevent Los Angeles authorities,he was eventually released on bail following his criminal assault charges.In addition to the lost Wrigley endorsement deal which would have been quite lucrative,Radio stations across the country have apparently stopped playing his music.The extent of his girlfriend’s injuries are apparently substantial, which is casting an infamous, Tina Turner/Ike type of shadow over his faltering career. Someone will need a good defense attorney for sure. If you require an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, then may want to check out Ramiro Luis and he likewise services surrounding towns like Torrance and Long Beach.

Being labeled as a criminal can do that sometimes. Of course, he is not the only celebrity to lose an endorsement deal lately for alleged criminal behavious. Just ask Michael Phelps. Having a bong glued to your lips can do that for you. Sometimes mere non-criminal related scandal can do the trick. For example, Mickey Rourke (who appeared to be the oscar forerunner for ‘The Wrestler’ just a several weeks ago) is reportedly now trailing previous oscar winner Sean Penn following scandalous stories about hime recently reported in the mainstream media. All in all Chris Brown could be in very hot water if the allegations against hold up in court.

For instance, Harvey Levin of TMZ news has stated that “Chris Brown is in huge trouble, I mean, he could go to prison for years.” But what exactly caused this huge mess? Media reports vary somewhat, but TMZ reported that they had recently left a party. It was just after midnight when the 2 came out. A witness later told the authorities that they had argued and then it eventually escalated further to the point of physical violence and into the realm of the criminal.

Nissan and others feeling pinch of Global Economy

I just got back to Hawaii and wanted to get some news in concerning the economic outlook. While the American automakers have been the main ones in the news lately as pertains to the global economic recession and financial crises, it is becoming increasingly clear that the global automotive industry is being hurt as all of the “Big 3” automakers to lose money in Q3 according to revised statistics.

This particular earnings season will most likely include profit warnings from the Nissan Motor Company, despite it’s partnership with French automaker Renault and other seemingly positive moves on their part. Even the usually solid Honda Corporation may sharply reduce their yearly projection for a 4th time following the bad news of additional production cutbacks in the homeland. All in all, general losses at the “Big 3” producers: the Toyota Motor Corp, the Honda Corp. as well as the Nissan Co. are basically a foregone conclusion, according to certain analysts. This was initially reported on the Reuters online news network. By the way if you happen to live in Hawaii and you require a dealer by all means take a look at KWN.

Nissan is the country number 3 producer and according to other media reports, plans to eliminate about 110 U.S. jobs as it adjusts regional sales, marketing and design operations because of slowing sales. Nissan North America (it’s overseas component) will slash the number of sales locations from 7 to eleven 11, according to a publishes statement.

The majority of these lost jobs will be in the localities of Herndon, Virginia as well as Atlanta, Georgia, according to the published Nissan statement. The state of Hawaii will not be affected at this particular point in time, fortunately. I say fortunately because I myself happen to live in Hawaii (specifically Kauai) and I am a bit concerned about the economy here.

Great Hiking Locations of Kauai

If you are a travel buff, you simply cannot must miss the opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime in the wonderful Hawaiian Islands which are decorated with Palm trees at the secluded beaches, rivers, tropical rainforests, plus amazing waterfalls. There is no place on earth like Kauai Hawaii, and even 2 week is not enough time here. All in all you can find some terrific Kauai vacation rentals Bali Hai, LLC is good for that and real estate online overall.

When speaking of waterfalls, Kauai has many eye-popping waterfalls to choose from with scenic mountain peaks in background. Hanakapia Falls is one of the greatest of them all. Also on Kauai are the incredible Hanakoa falls on the northwestern portion of the island and Wailua falls on the garden islands lush eastside. This is near the wettest spot on Earth, in fact. One of Kauai’s waterfalls was also featured in the movie classic ‘South Pacific’. Rainbow falls and Akaka falls on the Big Island are 2 of Hawaii’s best waterfalls as well. The Big Isle supposedly has every weather type in the world except for arctic.

On Kauai, there is a small valley well known for its reddish lava beds. It is known as ‘The Garden of Gods’ and is a place just chock full of rocks with various shapes and color. It is located in the north shore of Lanai. This majestic canyon was formed as the result of a massive earth quake. The local population says it was formed after a supernatural phenomenon of sorts. It is quite a piece of real estate, that is for sure.

The hilltop of Mauna Kea is another Hawaiian wonder sited at the Big Island. It specialty lies in the fact that it is the tallest mountain with the base on ocean floor. Being near to equator and clear atmosphere, it is famous for making astronomical observations. This is some prime real estate we are talking about. People enjoy stargazing even with naked eye. The top of Mauna Kea is more than 13 thousand feet high and was known as the home of gods. On the subject of gardens, as you approach north of Hilo, you will be surprised to see the largest botanical garden of Hawaii called World Botanical Garden. All in all you can find some vacation rentals nearby. The garden has more than five thousand varieties of plants and fruit trees growing in the natural environment. Every valley and corner of Hawaii has a natural rain forest in it which is the homes of wildlife and birds.

The Na Pali Coast in Kauai is another must-see wonder at Hawaii with lush valleys, panoramic views waterfalls, and ancient Hawaiian ruins. It is famous among hikers for its trail which is 11 miles long and ends at the Kalalau Valley. it is located on the Northwest section of Kauai. It is really quite a piece of real estate. Speaking of that, if you take a fancy to Kauai and wish to look at some Kauai Real Estate then you may want to look at Sleeping Giant real estate which is named after another amazing natural phenomenon there. There are some really nice kauai vacation rentals there as well. If you are afraid of height, then hiking is not the option for you on Na Pali Coast. You can either explore it through a sailboat or a helicopter to have the ride of your life. The density of beauty is so large that you cannot absorb it in such a short time. Last but not the least, the beaches of Hawaii are amongst the top beaches in the world. Especially, Hanauma Bay, Kealakekua Bay, and Waikiki beach are famous amongst the tourists for underwater activities like snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving.