SkyDrive Changes The Game For Office File Sharing

SkyDrive is a file hosting service from Microsoft. Web workers can share files
quickly and securely. There isn’t any requirement to download and install
special software. No one needs to register for any account. Any qualified
web browser is all that is needed to view files. Users have complete
control over which files get shared and who can receive them.

Transfer Files Easily

Sending files by email is a hassle. It is slow and many corporate email
programs have limitations on file size. SkyDrive allows clients to send an
email that simply links to large files, images or documents.

First, users upload the file to SkyDrive. There is a limit of 2GB for the
Skydrive application. Files from are limited to 300MB. Once
files are selected, users simply select “Send a link” from a smartphone or
mobile device. Desktop users should select “Share” and then choose which
method. Sharing done can be done by email, with a link, or through social
media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. In addition, files like Excel or
PowerPoint documents can be embedded directly.

Access Anywhere

SkyDrive is ideal for syncing files across several platforms whether a
mobile device, desktop computer or smartphone. They can be accessed from
anywhere, stored instantly and shared rapidly. IT Services employees
essentially have their own personal cloud server.

They can store their presentations, images, memos and briefs. IT workers using Windows 8 and a Microsoft account can
view and edit Office documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Office applications do not even need to be started to access the files.
With Office Web Apps, all that is needed is a web browser to view, edit and
save files. Different workers can even edit the same documents. No matter
which device they use, personal settings roam with the worker. Co-workers
can share drafts of documents, work on PowerPoint presentations and review
sales proposals.

SkyDrive changes the game for file sharing at IT Services Los Angeles.
Companies can operate more effectively and efficiently to grow their
customer base and boost sales revenue. Once the office is using it
regularly, everyone will wonder why they ever shared files any other way.