Tips on Blogging for Law Firms

Blogs, short for web-logs, are ubiquitous in today’s internet world and blog networks just seem to be growing nonstop. Blogs in general are online journals that individual, companies or organizations keep and manage. They can be useful for many purposes including:
• Expressing thoughts, opinions and messages; enforcing a message that your company or organization has.
• Providing commentary on a certain subject
• Online brand advertising
• Linking to important websites and boosting their ranks on Google
• Linking to partner websites who will in turn link to yours
Law Blogs
Many lawyers contribute to blogs or have their own sharing important thoughts and insight into legal matters. They might talk about a particular practice area, a case study or share opinions about a current legal event. Some blogs written by them tend to have more readership than others. Lawyer professionals can help you with boosting the readership and visibility of your blog, whether it is about stock, REIT or Broker matters. Here are some tips for getting more people to read your blog:
• Make sure your blog is visible and easily accessible with a tab or side link that people can click on to reach it. Sometimes law firms will bury their blog in their website. Your blog should have its own “brand” and voice. Create an original name for it and its own URL.
• Talk about topics that people are interested in or highlight stories in a general way that seem interesting, like this Securities legal blog. is an example of a financial investments attorney and annuity litigation Pro who has done this well in Kansas City, Missouri.
• Use titles that will attract attention and get people to read the article
• Make sure you sign the posts that you make on your blog to personalize it
• Include a page that describes what your blog is about
• Market your blog as you would your business. Make sure it is listed in pertinent directories
• Share your posts through social media channels such as your Facebook and Twitter
• Make sure you update your blog with new content periodically to keep it fresh and new
If you would like to find out more ways to make your website or blog stand out, contact the lawyer SEO professionals and get your site noticed now.