Prolotherapy Technology and Degenerative Disc Disease Triggered by sports injuries

Good to be be home to North Carolina from South Carolina. I really just love NC. We think of athletes as being in top physical condition. We don’t tend to think of them as suffering from the degenerative disc disease caused by osteoarthritis in the back. What few of us realize is that degenerative disc disease can be seen in even the late teens or early 20s—especially in young athletes who suffered sports injuries that never fully healed. You can check to see if your health insurance covers treatments. You can find out more at this service Waxahachie TX private caregivers and senior care in Texas the lone star state can help you with various insurance issues there in California.
The young, injured athlete is now on the road to a lifetime of painful back problems.

The ligaments of the low back can be overstretched, setting up a chronic condition wherein the lumbar spine becomes unstable and the resulting excessive movement causes excessive wear on the disc. Over time fissures and tears occur in the outer matrix of the disc, accelerating degenerative disc disease. If the athlete continues to participate in the sport, the whole process is accelerated. In time, more and more lumbar discs sustain degeneration due to the loosened lumbar ligaments.
The conventional treatment has tended to involve rest, anti-inflammatory medication, meds for pain, perhaps eventually, surgery. In some cases, a little-known treatment which is short for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, can work when all else fails. It is a treatment that triggers the body’s own healing mechanisms, and perhaps should be considered before invasive surgery or potent drugs.

Prolotherapy injections and PRP solutions may be injected into the affected ligaments, tendons, and/or joints, triggering local inflammation at the injection site. The inflammation triggers a collagen to form. When the new collagen shrinks as part of its normal process, it tightens and strengthens the ligament.
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Prolotherapy and PRP, in some cases, can be remarkably effective in treating chronic pain and sports injuries that result from ligament and/or tendon weakness.
Prolotherapy has some very mainstream supporters, including the former surgeon general, C. Everett Koop, for example.