Battery Life of iPhone 3GS not up to Par

In technology and gadget news, the iPhone 3GS, which of course is made by the California based firm Apple, is full of features and has sold a staggering total of more than a million units during it’s initial weekend that it was available around 2 weeks ago or so. Despite it’s great success however, it apparently has one major flaw: the battery life is not there to go along with all the features the iPhone has to offer, particulary for long office use.. Some individuals are finding the appliance needs to be charged during the day instead of just overnight, and the site even recommends disabling some of it’s said features to save battery life. Apple of course is the maker of the internet phone and you know I really love the ability to make make video calls from my internet phone, cell phone or mobile as well as international calls from mobile or a softphone.

All in all, certain experts in the technology field including has said after looking at the new internet Phone 3GS the battery size is approximately 15% smaller than the battery that was in original iPhone. Like I said I love being able to make make video calls or international calls from my cell phone no prepaid calling cards, speed dial or long distance plan and no pc or voip needed. I love to make video calls! The feeling is that the battery was slimmed down to adapt to the lighter model phone with all the new features.

Consumers that are committing to two-year contracts with the new iPhones that includes text and email feel the battery should last longer. As an aside go to California News for more Tech and safety news from the Golden State. According to Paul Reynolds electronics editor of Consumer Reports magazine the iPhone has more functions and features than any other handset on the market and has approximately seven hours of battery power.