Check Out All the Features of the EGO Talk Bluetooth Car Kit

It is good to be back in San Jose. One of the most popular technological devices that can be found on the market today is the EGO Talk Bluetooth car kit. This car kit is popular for a variety of reasons, the most significant being that you can now answer and make phone calls completely hands-free while you drive your auto to your destination. Another reason for the popularity of the EGO Talk is the passing of laws throughout many places in the United States that require drivers to use hands-free devices if talking on the phone in the car service. Whatever the reason for your purchase, you too can enjoy the ease and usability of the EGO Talk Bluetooth car kit in your vehicle.
A perk that makes the EGO Talk Bluetooth car kit entirely hands-free is the voice command activation options. Most mobile phones today have an option where, instead of searching for a phone number in your contacts list, you can simply say the name of the person you’d like to call out loud, and your phone will find the name, number, and automatically make the call. You can have this same option with the EGO Talk Bluetooth car service kit as well. You simply press a button on the EGO interface, say aloud the name of the person you’d like to call, and wait for the line to begin ringing. The EGO Talk will search the contact list on your phone and find the person you are trying to contact, so you simply need to say the word and your phone call will be made without any work on your part. These are becoming popular in San Jose as well.
In addition, the EGO Talk Bluetooth car kit works complies with every hands-free law that has been passed. Many states throughout American require strict hands-free laws with cellular and musical devices in the car or auto. Some of the Bluetooth car kits out there claim to be hands-free, but don’t always comply by every hands-free law. The EGO does, so you won’t have to worry about being pulled over for not having your hands on the steering wheel where they belong. For his part, my friend in San Jose, California who runs a San Jose auto service was telling me how popular these were becoming and how many he was seeing at his particular auto service center over in San Jose.
Another feature of the EGO Talk Bluetooth auto kit that consumers love is the seamless integration it has with factory car radios. Many times, when a person is driving and their cell phone begins to ring, it becomes dangerous for them to first search for their phone, answer the call, and begin talking in that rushed, frenzied state of mind. With the EGO, you may never experience that again. Because the EGO is set up through the radio in your car, you’ll be able to hear it ring from every speaker. If you have music playing, it will automatically fade out so that you can answer your call and talk without any background noise. There’s no more searching for your phone; you simply press a button on the EGO interface and you will be able to answer the call. In order to end the call, simply press the same button. Your music will start up again as soon as you do, so you don’t even have to worry about turning the radio back on. It’s entirely hands-free and entirely simple.