Superfoods and The Latest Nutrition Technology

In terms of nutritional technology, I have noticed a quantum leap in improvements in terms of meal replacement bars in particular. Some of the first meal replacement bars were basically candy bars with some extra protein in them. The next wave of bars had vitamins and minerals added bu were still essentially primitive technology. The latest generation on bars has evolved to include all-organic ingredients, several types of essential fatty acids, probiotics, sprouted vegetables and superfoods such as goji juice, cranberries, bee pollen and the like. Speaking of that, when it comes to the various Superfoods that are out there, it appears to me as though everyone has their own specific favorite.
This makes some degree of sense to me since, even though they are all ‘super foods’, in their own right, each one has it’s own specific features. For instance, if you mainly value antioxidant power then you might choose the Amazon acai berry or maybe the blueberry as your
primary choice. On the other hand, if you want an even balance of vitamins and amino acids you might give priority to goji juice or the goji berry. Conversely, if anti-inflammation properties are paramount in your book then salmon or salmon omega-3 fatty acids fish oil could be your choice. for heart healthy food, oats could be at the head of your list. If you highly value brain food, then maybe Cinnamon is at the head of the class for you. (in addition, recent research at suggests that this spice may help to prevent the onset of diabetes as well) Of course, there are any other number of criteria to judge by. One of the newer superfoods to hit the scense includes Kamut,
which has been shown to have about 30 percent more protein than regular wheat and is also richer in lipids, amino acids, vitamins as well as minerals. In addition to these benefits, it can be tolerated by certain individuals who suffer from sensitivity issues with the regular wheat. Grapefruit juice has long been an overall favorite because of it’s super-high vitamin c content.Another leading superfood are various sea vegetables such as edible seaweed. Although they may sound somewhat unappetizing at first, they are in fact very dense in vitamins and trace elements, including those that are no longer found in overworked soil. I am personally a big fan of it because of it’s broad profile of nutrition. For example,
most fruits do not have the amino acids (it has many vitamins and 18 amino acids) or the essential fatty acids that the goji berry does. In addition, it is high in antioxidants and there are 4 polysaccharides which are completely unique to the wolf berry and therefore to the Himalayan goji juice. The polysaccharides are vital bioactive components, as a matter of fact.