Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer (IE) 10 for the Windows 7 platform
just months after the arrival of Windows 8. This is an important
development for IT in general.
as it will make the freshest version of the browser available to millions
of more people and businesses, in nearly 100 different languages.

While IE 10 is currently an “optional” update, and encourages all businesses running the
Windows 7 platform to upgrade as soon as possible. In the near future,
Microsoft plans on making the transition to IE 10 an “important” update to
encourage wide distribution and use. This a change in direction for the
tech giant, as browser updates prior to late 2011 were always optional and
required the user to acknowledge a EULA before installing.

After upgrading, the IE experience will be nearly the same on both Windows
7 and Windows 8. The new browser brings DirectWrite and Direct2D for
hardware acceleration, and the touch API for Pointer Events. Windows 7
requires an API update in order to make use of IE 10’s new features. IT
consulting may want to note that the browser comes with “Do Not Track”
enabled as the default setting. As this could prove problematic in the work
environment, it may need to be disabled.

One crucial difference that exists between Windows 7 and Windows 8 is
Flash. IE 10 on Windows 8 will receive new versions of Flash through
Windows Update, while on Windows 7, Flash will need to be updated through
Abdobe’s official installer. This is the same update method that was used
with IE 9.

IT support Orange County recommends that businesses that are currently
using the Windows 7 platform on their workstations should consider moving
up to IE 10 for the new features, better security and more efficient

SkyDrive Changes The Game For Office File Sharing

SkyDrive is a file hosting service from Microsoft. Web workers can share files
quickly and securely. There isn’t any requirement to download and install
special software. No one needs to register for any account. Any qualified
web browser is all that is needed to view files. Users have complete
control over which files get shared and who can receive them.

Transfer Files Easily

Sending files by email is a hassle. It is slow and many corporate email
programs have limitations on file size. SkyDrive allows clients to send an
email that simply links to large files, images or documents.

First, users upload the file to SkyDrive. There is a limit of 2GB for the
Skydrive application. Files from are limited to 300MB. Once
files are selected, users simply select “Send a link” from a smartphone or
mobile device. Desktop users should select “Share” and then choose which
method. Sharing done can be done by email, with a link, or through social
media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. In addition, files like Excel or
PowerPoint documents can be embedded directly.

Access Anywhere

SkyDrive is ideal for syncing files across several platforms whether a
mobile device, desktop computer or smartphone. They can be accessed from
anywhere, stored instantly and shared rapidly. IT Services employees
essentially have their own personal cloud server.

They can store their presentations, images, memos and briefs. IT workers using Windows 8 and a Microsoft account can
view and edit Office documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Office applications do not even need to be started to access the files.
With Office Web Apps, all that is needed is a web browser to view, edit and
save files. Different workers can even edit the same documents. No matter
which device they use, personal settings roam with the worker. Co-workers
can share drafts of documents, work on PowerPoint presentations and review
sales proposals.

SkyDrive changes the game for file sharing at IT Services Los Angeles.
Companies can operate more effectively and efficiently to grow their
customer base and boost sales revenue. Once the office is using it
regularly, everyone will wonder why they ever shared files any other way.

Why SAN Devices are More Robust Than NAS Storage

For businesses of all sizes, storing files over a network can greatly
simplify many processes. However, there are a number of choices that have
to be made when using network storage. The two most popular options are
network-attached storage, or NAS, and storage area network, or SAN,
installations. Here are a few of the differences and why SAN installations
may be preferable for those who need robust storage.

NAS Storage

NAS storage is simply one or more hard drives connected to a network. NAS
devices have built-in filesystems, which can make initial installation a
bit simpler. By having its own IP address, it is fairly simple to access
NAS storage devices. For those who need a simple solution, NAS storage
functions admirably. While a team can help in the installation of NAS
systems, some people are able to install them without needing extra help.
Still, having a team
on hand can help in case problems arise in the future.

SAN Storage

In contrast to NAS installations, SAN storage relies on setting up
block-level storage across multiple devices. As a result, initial
installation may be a bit more challenging as the filesystem information is
stored on the client side instead of on the server side. However, this
distribution technique has some inherent advantages over NAS storage, and
businesses, which are increasingly relying on more demanding file
solutions, have been making the transition since SAN was introduced around
the year 2000. For most businesses, an IT support Orange County team will
be needed to ensure proper installation.

The Benefits of SAN Storage

Since SAN storage can be spread across multiple systems, is easier to
ensure that data is secure. For example, businesses can ensure that some of
the nodes are stored in remote locations and that all data is present in
multiple sites. In case of a fire or other natural disaster, this
redundancy makes recovering data far simpler and more reliable. Most NAS
installations rely on a single device to store information, and options for
redundancy are bit more complicated. Those who have more questions are
encouraged to ask an IT support team for more information.

Tips on Blogging for Law Firms

Blogs, short for web-logs, are ubiquitous in today’s internet world and blog networks just seem to be growing nonstop. Blogs in general are online journals that individual, companies or organizations keep and manage. They can be useful for many purposes including:
• Expressing thoughts, opinions and messages; enforcing a message that your company or organization has.
• Providing commentary on a certain subject
• Online brand advertising
• Linking to important websites and boosting their ranks on Google
• Linking to partner websites who will in turn link to yours
Law Blogs
Many lawyers contribute to blogs or have their own sharing important thoughts and insight into legal matters. They might talk about a particular practice area, a case study or share opinions about a current legal event. Some blogs written by them tend to have more readership than others. Lawyer professionals can help you with boosting the readership and visibility of your blog, whether it is about stock, REIT or Broker matters. Here are some tips for getting more people to read your blog:
• Make sure your blog is visible and easily accessible with a tab or side link that people can click on to reach it. Sometimes law firms will bury their blog in their website. Your blog should have its own “brand” and voice. Create an original name for it and its own URL.
• Talk about topics that people are interested in or highlight stories in a general way that seem interesting, like this Securities legal blog. is an example of a financial investments attorney and annuity litigation Pro who has done this well in Kansas City, Missouri.
• Use titles that will attract attention and get people to read the article
• Make sure you sign the posts that you make on your blog to personalize it
• Include a page that describes what your blog is about
• Market your blog as you would your business. Make sure it is listed in pertinent directories
• Share your posts through social media channels such as your Facebook and Twitter
• Make sure you update your blog with new content periodically to keep it fresh and new
If you would like to find out more ways to make your website or blog stand out, contact the lawyer SEO professionals and get your site noticed now.

Tips on How to Make Your Site Stand Out

Making the Law Firm and other Website Properties Stand Out

Law firms are not traditionally known for being creative organizations. This is evident from the vast number of these websites that pretty much follow the same formula and look on the internet. Occasionally you will find one that stands out and probably has a better chance of getting a prospective client to stop and click through the site. Having a website that is not only aesthetically appealing but also provides useful information can help in attracting those much sought after new clients. When it comes to your website, it is important to have professional lawyer SEO experts handle the project. The experienced technicians and designers have the experience and talent to make your website stand out.

Internet Users and New Clients

The internet is one of the main places where people research products, services and companies in today’s increasingly competitive market. According to statistical data, over 77% of the population used the internet in 2011. The high percentage included users from any device including mobile phones. With so many people on the internet, businesses including law firms need to look at it as a major source for prospective clients and devote resources to making their web presence optimum. Seeking help with those who are knowledgeable in lawyer SEO can greatly benefit the business in the long run.

First Impressions

A potential client’s first impression of your law firm is often your website. It should represent your firm, philosophy and practice area. The better that you make it look, the more useful information that you include and the most ease with navigation that you have will increase your chances of getting a good lead. Here are some tips for ensuring that your website has the efficiency and attractiveness to get noticed in today’s competitive market. can assist you in these matters, whether you are in San Diego or Chula Vista, they have been doing SEO for a long time in the Golden State of California.
• Don’t overload on text. People will be discouraged from reading your website if there is too much text at first glance.
• Use attractive and inviting photos of yourself and staff that are professionally taken. Refrain from including too many pictures as this may cause a delay in loading your page.
• Include tabs or drop down menus with categories or practice areas that are easy to navigate.
• Take a look at other law firm or business websites and note what you like or don’t like. Try to incorporate what you like into your own site.
• Don’t do exactly the same thing as other sties but don’t be too radically different either.
If you would like to find out more ways to make your website stand out, contact the Internet Marketing professionals at Uptime Media Group,  if you are in SoCal and get your site noticed now.

Mother Pleads Guilty In Philly Craigslist Prostitution Case

The woman that made up half of the mother-daughter team in a Craigslist advertisement pleads guilty in a Philadelphia courtroom.

The advertisement with picture included of them sitting on a couch and in bold letters above the picture “Make The Right Choice And Call Us” with their post allegedly offering erotic services.

Tracy Young age 39 and her daughter Tami Smith age 22 were arrested after police officer Donald Paxton answered the post and visited their Northeast Philly home in Port Richmond. Paxton was told the fee was $200 and he would start with the mother and finish with the daughter according to Officer Paxton on October 2, 2008.

For the $200 Paxton was told by Young he would get a full 30 minutes of service and when the women began to undress, he called in the other officers according to testimony by Paxton.

Both Young and her daughter were arrested, along with Young’s boyfriend David Riley who police arrested for having a small amount of marijuana. The charges against Riley were later dropped for lack of evidence.

When sentenced May 14th Young will face from 3 months to 23 months in the county jail, along with 3 years of probation. Other charges of criminal use of a communication facility and criminal solicitation were dropped against Young in exchange for her guilty plea. Mr. Tuomey can help out with these legal matters.

Young’s daughter Tami Smith will go to trial on April 17th for the alleged prostitution charges.

Los Angeles Personal Accident Attorneys – Catastrophic Injuries

If you are the victim of a catastrophic accident, whether in Seattle, San Carlos or wherever, you know how quickly life can change. One moment you are happy, healthy and just living your life and the next you may be fighting for your life due to an accident caused by someone else’s negligent behavior. Our Santa Cruz, San Carlos and Hayward personal accident attorneys witness this type of tragedy nearly every day in our practice. Obtaining a San Francisco or Campbell auto repair like mysfcarguys for your needs there in the bay area of the golden state.

or Santa Cruz auto accident attorney can be a necessity. Rather than let it get us down, we draw strength from the incredible courage shown by our clients in face of such adversity. Our clients are people who just want what is fair service and that is to be compensated for their life-changing injuries, whether related to auto, truck, motorcycle, vehicle construction and the like, whether in Campbell, Anaheim or the like.

We encourage you to contact one of the Bay Area specialists as soon as possible after your accident or that of a close family member. We will sit down with you one on one and allow you to explain how the accident happened and who you think is at fault for it. As you speak, we will be taking several notes so we can follow up after our appointment is finished. You may need a Toole’s Garage Service if you are in Santa Cruz CA or the aformentioned San Carlos. If we don’t think you have a chance of winning a personal injury lawsuit against the other party, we will let you know. However, that is unlikely considering the severity and life-changing nature of your injuries.

If you decide to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit against the other party, our Los Angeles accident lawyers will get right to work collecting evidence that proves your claim of negligence or wrongdoing. You may also need a qualified San Carlos or perhaps Sunnyvale or SV Car for certain issues related to car repair in Hayward as well. This firm provides top service overall.When the other party is served with the lawsuit, he or she must respond within one month. Assuming your lawsuit is successful, you will receive payment for physical and emotional pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses and your lifetime lost earnings as the result of not being able to return to work.

Finding a Good Community Clinic

Everyday across the United States, mistakes are made at crucial times on the road, leading to both minor and tragic car accidents. Dallas and Austin, Texas not unaffected by these circumstances and unfortunately there are fatalities yearly. Everyone who has a Driver’s License knows the basic rules of driving, or should. However, not wearing a seatbelt is one of the most common reasons for car accident related deaths. When collision of two vehicles occurs at high speeds, physical damage is most certainly taken by each of the cars and very likely by passengers but wearing a seatbelt can lower the chances of extensive trauma.


Recently, a Dallas resident was killed in his 1999 GMC Sierra when he lost control of it and crashed into another driver. The man who initially caused the accident was identified as 32-year-old Johnathan Dale Osborne. His car moved over the center dividing line, dead ahead into a 1995 Ford Explorer. The other driver was taken from the scene of the accident and recognized as 36-year-old Christopher J. Harrelson. He was transported by ground to WellStar Kennestone but will probably require further medical attention from a knowledgeable health Clinic. Although there have been no updates on his physical condition since, it is a blessing that he lived although the other driver was not so lucky. All in all, a good one can be of help in these type of cases or if it is a different malady, such as head lice, for example. if that is the case, I can endorse Hero Lice Clinics in the Lone Star State for nit removal there.
The crash occurred around 6:20am and included no other passengers or vehicles but was nonetheless a life-altering catastrophe. There were no indications whether or not Johnathan was wearing his seatbelt, but this is a reminder to all of us to be extremely attentive of other drivers. Although your experience may warrant you a good driver, do not forget the possibilities of something like this happening to you. Buckle up when you ride or drive in a car and watch for others not paying close attention to the perimeters of their vehicles. Being aware of your surroundings on the road may very well save your life.

Midsize Companies Compete Better With IT Consulting

Many businesses struggle to maintain an in-house IT department, but many of
them probably should hire an outside firm to do the job. Companies that
have at forty or more computers usually have too many technical issues to
manage on their own. However, they soon find out they cannot afford the
cost of IT staffers.
Even those companies with as many as 150 computers in use
have trouble justifying the cost of their IT department. Our experience
shows that business in this midsize range can benefit the most from IT
consulting firms for several reasons.

1. Network service companies specialize in IT management, so they have the
equipment and manpower usually found in the corporate enterprise. Their
skills and experience surpass that which smaller companies can afford to
hire, so for a reasonable cost, even a small company can use the latest
technologies to compete for business.

2. Companies that depend on a couple in-house network administrators set
themselves up for problems. Those employees could quit at the same time or
sabotage the network. They have a staff
that can survive employee turnover. They also have a business to preserve,
so they won’t do anything to jeopardize their clients’ welfare.

3. Network Support Los Angeles and IT Support contractors have more efficiency than an
internal support team. When they aren’t working for one client, their
resources are directed toward another. This effectively shares the cost of
a leading edge IT department with several different businesses, so everyone

4. IT consulting companies offer several different levels of service.
Usually contracts include remote network administration as well as certain
levels of on-site support. This means that help is always available.
Whether a business needs a new network user account created or if a
computer breaks down, a network services firm can keep them going. With a
consultant firm on their side, businesses can focus on their mission
without the distractions of managing a computer network for Network Support Los Angeles.

Victims of Aircraft Accidents and Their Families Require Special Legal Assistance

A giant wide-bodied jetliner cruises in darkness and stormy weather over the Atlantic Ocean when disaster strikes. Misled by erroneous instrument indications, the crew allows the aircraft to enter a stall, from which recovery is not possible. All 228 people aboard are killed.

The crash of Flight 447 in 2009 was the most serious airline accident in recent years, but was also in a sense 228 separate tragedies. Each victim left surviving family members. In many cases, a Riverside truck injury lawyer is needed if you are in places like Riverside or the inland empire. These individuals needed legal representation so they can be compensated for their losses. Victims of such tragedies seeking assistance can turn to Los Angeles, Riverside or Dallas Aviation Accidents and injury Attorneys.

Less serious aviation accidents are far more common, but both survivors who are injured and relatives of those killed also need representation, the type provided by Los Angeles Aviation Accidents Lawyers. Aviation accident litigation involves identifying the responsible parties as well as working to assure full compensation for the victims and their loved ones. This is the type of work that can be done by Dallas and Los Angeles and Riverside Personal Injury Attorneys. For those in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, this car accident attorney LA .
may be of help there and also does DUI plus other cases.

There are many aspects of flying, and many issues related to the accidents resulting therefrom. Lawyers are often asked to handle accidents involving U.S. domestic airline flights. Crashes of international flights include both those occurring on foreign soil and those with international destinations; these types of accidents can involve many complex rules of law and even limitations to legal action that require the knowledge of an experienced aviation attorney.

Private or general aviation accidents normally involve smaller aircraft, whether in San Jose, Dallas, LA, Riverside or wherever.. Someone who was injured in such an accident will need an attorney who can pursue claims against pilots, manufacturers or even third parties who may be negligent. Charter flights are usually organized by groups of individuals, and in the event of an accident, litigation may be complicated. For those in San Jose I can endorse this leading San Jose Criminal Attorney there who can assist you with a wid